If you have other drivers parking near your covered car you may also consider....

Coverzone's Unique Side Protection System.

If you have ever had a nice shiny car in near perfect condition and worried that someone is going to park next to you and jam their car door into your car's bodywork then this is for you!
Coverzone have now developed a side protection buffer system that they can install in your new cover prior to despatch. This clever option permanently fixes a strip of high impact buffer pads along the side of the car in the door and side panel area where they are most vulnerable to door dings and scuffs.

The buffer pads are permanently fitted to the cover with double stitching and whilst they do not absolutely guarantee that your car will remain in pristine condition, they will provide much more protection in all those visible areas that are both costly and difficult to repair.
Once we receive the order for your new cover with side protection system we will take a stock cover and our skilled machinists will add the option to the inner lining on both sides. The cover will be a little bulkier when folded but the pads cleverly concertina closed when not in use so handling and storage of the cover is still a breeze.

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This is why you should consider a quality bike cover!

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A simple question asked at a recent trade show that is actually hard to answer as there are so many fabrics and options that we have developed and each has its own unique qualities! Take our best selling Stormforce fabric for example…. It’s non-scratch, waterproof, breathable, mould resistant, ultra strong and guaranteed for two years just to name its main qualities.

19th March 2019

Bikers, enthusiasts and collectors are some of the most passionate customers we work with. Motorcycle owners usually appreciate the importance of protecting bikes and their equipment and commonly make sure that they are maintained to an impeccable standard.

Increasingly the greatest threat to bikes is one of opportunistic theft.

We were interested to hear a recent TV interview with a former bike thief that he would attempt theft of almost any bike…. so long as it was not covered. When asked why he replied that a bike thief always wants to strike and escape as soon as possible. When faced with a cover it is always unknown what security devices are hiding within.

That revelation to us means that you can reduce your threat of theft of your machine very significantly simply by fitting a suitable and robust bike cover whenever you leave your bike. If you think covers are too bulky, try our ‘Voyager’ covers that pack down to the size of a ream of A4 paper & weigh less than a kilo!

Motorbikes by their very nature can be exposed to the elements throughout the year. For the rare few that have the luxury of a garage in which to store their bikes this is not such a big issue but for those bike owners who have no other option than to leave their bike outside all year, it’s time to think about covering up. Even bikes stores indoors will benefit from a cover which will keep the bike clean & help prevent condensation and rust.

The cover you choose should be sized correctly for the make and model of your bike. It needs to be long enough to cover as much of the bike as possible without draping on the ground which would attract moisture to soak up the hems. Waterproofing, a snug fit and breathability are all important to ensure that the paintwork and fittings are suitably protected when stored.

Our Motorcycle covers are manufactured to suit specific motorcycles with or without top boxes and panniers. They are suitable for all weathers and conditions and importantly all our outdoor covers have large reinforced eyelets front and rear in the wheel area allowing fitment of your usual anti-theft lock to both the bike and cover.

We also have luxury indoor polar fleece ‘Kalahari’ covers in a choice of colours and you can choose a contrast colour piping on either side. However you store your bike we have an option that will work for you. We have patterns to suit mopeds & scooters with or without screens & top boxes, traditional bikes, naked sports bikes, large sports bikes, muscle bikes, touring bikes and extra-large adventure bikes. If you don’t see your model listed on the website please ask. We have recently been adding many new patterns that are not yet online.

Our bike covers are available in the following fabrics…

Here’s a few more tips…….

1 –It’s best to fit your cover to a clean bike to avoid catching dirt & grit between the cover & the paintwork.

2-All our covers are supplied in a strong zipped storage bag that is fully waterproof. Make sure you dry the cover before storing it away in the bag for a long time.

3 -Always allow your bike exhaust to cool before fitting your cover. Exhaust tips can remain at very high temperatures for 20-30 minutes & some fabrics will melt!

3 -Keep your bike more secure by fitting your bike lock through the large eyelets on the cover, effectively securing your cover to the bike.

4 –Consider adding extra security devices or a tracker to your bike before covering. Let’s fight back against the bad guys!

If you have further questions we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us on 01903 764689 or shop online at www.cover-zone.com


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Price match guarantee:

We don’t want you to choose between the best product & service or the best price. That’s why we price match every product we sell against any product of similar specification from any other UK retailer. Just give our friendly staff a call with the product you’re interested in, the price and model that you’ve found elsewhere and we’ll happily take care of the rest.